Through this six-week course, you will gain the confidence to identify challenging times during your in-person or virtual school day and to learn how to teach chair yoga breathing, postures, brain breaks, and relaxation exercises to build connection, engage your students, and shift them into a more learning-ready state of mind. Together, we will explore how to safely and effectively adapt yoga poses to the chair and how to use the chair as a prop to stretch and strengthen the body. The tools shared in this course support distance learning at home, in-person modified classroom environments, and in therapeutic settings.

In this training, all pre-recorded lectures include closed captioning and our live weekly meetups will be facilitated in American Sign Language by Sara Lev, Yoga Ed. Trainer, and Jessalyn Akerman-Frank, Yoga Educator.



Online 6-week teacher training

Starting June 10, learn the theory and practice of teaching yoga to children in-person and online.

Live weekly check-ins for tailored course instruction

1-hour sessions in ASL each week on Mondays at 4:30pm PST | 7:30pm EST via Zoom to connect with your cohort and course instructor. All sessions are optional and recorded so you may watch on your own time.

Backed by research

Our programs have been the focus of studies by Harvard, Tulane, and Cal State Fullerton, with measurable results in physical and mental health outcomes for children.

Global community of learners

Join our movement that has reached 45 countries, 78K+ classrooms, and 15M+ students worldwide. Connect with fellow yoga educators via our active, invitation-only Facebook group.

Evidence-based, standards-based curriculum

Our program is evidence-based, meets national and international Physical Education standards, and is approved by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.

Timeless practices for the modern child

Even before COVID-19, youth were experiencing increased mental health challenges. Learn the art and science of yoga education to improve students’ lifelong health and wellness

The Yoga Ed. training was FABULOUS. I am thrilled to have these resources and training and start trying to implement and practice.
The yoga training was excellent. Everything was very practical and easy to use. Teachers felt they'll be able to use these tools right away. The course instructors were very warm, kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. I always love your genuine spirit. It makes people comfortable.


Week 1
This week we will introduce ourselves and review the course schedule. We will also experience a chair yoga class in action so we can start to get a feeling for the work.
Week 2
This week we will explore chair yoga and mindfulness. We will examine how yoga and mindfulness supports students' physical health, emotional wellness, mental health, and social relationships. We will also introduce how the brain develops and stress response occurs, and how mindfulness can influence these domains.
Week 3
This week we will introduce the fundamentals of lesson planning for a children's chair yoga class, including how to create relevant lesson plans to the age group you are teaching and how to lesson plan to meet standards or not. We will also learn about the chair yoga tool belt.
Week 4
This week we will learn our yoga tools. We will practice children's chair yoga breathing exercises, yoga poses, brain breaks, and relaxation. Lecture will be interspersed with opportunities to put what you learn into practice with practice teaching.
Week 5
This week we will dive into how to implement yoga and mindfulness into your classroom. We will examine optimal frequency, dosage, and how to get started. Together, we will create classroom action plan to support you in getting started.
Week 6
This week we will explore the teaching philosophies that inform your work as a Yoga Educator. We will discuss the impact and importance of these philosophies for effective teaching. Topics include behavior management, positive behavior strategies, and creating a calm classroom. We will put everything together by presenting final assignments.



M.Ed., RYT


M.Ed, Deaf Education, RYT


M.Ed., e-RYT, Co-Founder


B.Sc., Co-Founder



Pay in Full

Pay in one payment.

4 payments of $75/month

Payment Plan

Pay in 4 monthly installments


Earn Academic Credit with Loyola Marymount University

Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to receive 2 semester hours.

Courses taken through Loyola Marymount University (LMU) provide graduate-level professional development credits and a university transcript is available upon completion of the course.


ASPDP A+/P-Credit/CTLE for New York Teachers

Earn 1 A+/P-Credit and 15 CTLE Hours through ASPDP / New York DOE.

Please note: Upon enrolling for this course through Yoga Ed., you must also register and pay an additional $45 credit fee through ASPDP's website to complete your registration for ASPDP credit. Through our partnership with ASPDP/NYCDOE, we are an approved sponsor of the New York State Education Department’s 100 hours of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) requirements and pre-approved provider of A+/P-credit courses that can be applied to the BA+30, BA+60, MA+30 and other professional development or CTLE requirements. Facilitated by expert teachers and instructional coaches, our online course is ASPDP/NYCDOE approved for 1 A+/P-credit and NY State approved for 15 CTLE hours.

Participants must also register and pay an ASPDP fee directly by visiting the ASPDP site to complete the registration. There, participants can either create an account or log on to their existing ASPDP account, and then choose the “Enroll & Pay for Courses” link. Any participant who does not complete this enrollment process on the ASPDP website by the registration close date will not be eligible for A+/P-credits. Please email ASPDP at [email protected] if you need more information.


I am not Deaf or Hard of Hearing, can I take this course?
Yes. The course is open to hearing participants who work with Deaf or hard of hearing children. Please note that the live weekly meet-ups are facilitated in American Sign Language (ASL) so to participate fully in the course, you will need to understand ASL.
How is this course different from Yoga Ed.’s Chair Yoga & Mindful Practices for Children course?
The live weekly meetups are led in ASL, and the focus of the live weekly meetups with your course instructors will be to deepen your understanding and confidence in tailoring all practices to your work with Deaf or hard of hearing children
It says it is self-paced, but there are dates. Why?
We offer weekly check-ins facilitated in American Sign Language on Mondays at 4:30pm - 5:30pm PT | 7:30pm - 8:30pm ET to share thoughts, answer any questions you may have, and connect you with your cohort of yoga educators.
What if I miss the weekly check-ins? Will I miss the bulk of this course?
No; one of the best parts about this course is that it's designed for you to go-at-your-own-pace :) All check-ins are recorded so you can watch if you are unable to make the live meet-up. If you are unable to join the weekly meet-up live, you will be required to watch the recording and complete the unique assignment corresponding to each week's check-in.
What do I have to do in order to get a certificate of completion?
Simply watch course videos, attend live meetups or complete the makeup assignment, submit 2 Exercises during the course, and complete your final teaching project. All course work must be completed and submitted by two weeks after the end date of the course.
Is attendance required?
Attendance is required in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you are unable to attend a live meetup, you can complete a Flipgrid Meetup assignment in the week following the missed meetup in order to receive detailed feedback from your instructor.
What will I receive upon successfully completing a course by the course due date?
After submitting your final project video to your instructor, you can expect to receive feedback and an electronic copy of your certificate for the course within 14 days if all course requirements have been met and your payment for the course is complete. This certificate shows you completed a 32-hour training (mat yoga courses) or 24-hour training (chair yoga courses). Depending on the setting in which you will teach yoga, we recommend checking to find out the training and certification they require.
Does this qualify for credits?
Yes, this course qualifies for the following credits:

+ 24 hours continuing education units with the Yoga Alliance
+ 2 semester hours with Loyola Marymount University - view eligible states here; MUST CHOOSE "Earn Academic Credit with LMU" option at checkout
+ 1 A+/P-Credits and 15 CTLE Hours through ASPDP / New York DOE; MUST CHOOSE “ASPDP A+/P-Credit/CTLE for New York” option at checkout
+ 24 CEUs towards your ISSA certification with International Sports Science Association

Lastly, feel free to check with your local school or district to see if they will accept course credits.
Can I get CEUs in my state/school district?
Upon completion of our courses or program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Many school districts honor this as CEU credit. We recommend reaching out to your administrator ahead of time to ask if they will honor Yoga Ed. courses. We have a partnership with NYC Public Schools. We also offer Graduate Level Professional Development Credit through LMU.
Are group discounts available?
Yes! We offer discounts for groups of four or more. Please email us at [email protected] to get your discount code.
Do you accept purchase orders from schools?
Yes! Email us at [email protected] so that we can support you. Please note that all POs must be received at least 1 week prior to the course start date.
How long do I have access to this course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do I need to be a teacher to take this course?
No, this course is designed for anyone who works with children (or would like to work with children). Yoga teachers, parents, nurses, counselors, mental health professionals, youth services support staff, and many other professionals have gone through our course and found the knowledge to be instrumental in supporting their ability to teach yoga to children in the unique environments they work in.
I am new to yoga and don’t have experience teaching yoga. Is this course a good option for me?
Our courses are differentiated to meet the needs of adult learners with a variety of yoga experience. Whether you’re new to yoga or have your 500-hour certification, we think our courses are a great fit for anyone who wants to learn how to teach yoga and mindfulness to the children and teens in their life. If you’d like to learn more about a course, feel free to email [email protected] for more information or to set up a call with someone from our team.
How relevant is this program? Will it incorporate current events in the world or is it a more general course?
The short answer is both and very relevant! The longer answer is this course contains two types of learning material: self-paced and live. The self-paced content includes prerecorded videos, which cover general principles and practices that can be applied across situations. The live component includes live weekly check-ins, where we will dive into specific applications, discussions and practice teaching opportunities to make the learnings as relevant as possible to the various settings you may teach in, online and in-person. We also provide ample opportunities within check-ins where you may ask any questions that you may have about how to apply the principles and practices to the current events in the world.
Are these courses a good fit for me if I’m teaching virtually?
Yes, absolutely. Something that makes our curriculum unique is that it can be used in face-to-face or virtual settings.
I’m still having trouble deciding. How do I choose a course that is the best fit for me?
We are happy to help you with this! Please email [email protected] to request more information about the course(s) you’re interested in, or to schedule a phone call with our team.
How do I gift this course?
Please email us at [email protected] and we’re happy to assist you!